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All of our partnered brands are very dedicated themselves into a specific area. We carefully choose our partners and making sure that they are the best of the best.


Meyer Sound continually strives to elevate the overall dialogue about sound and bring greater awareness to the importance of how we hear and listen. A collaborative, results-focused approach to sound solutions drives a company philosophy where creative thinking, old- fashioned craftsmanship, and entrepreneurial technology are strongly intertwined. Tours for top-grossing artists and respected concert and entertainment venues rely on Meyer Sound, as do houses of worship, cinemas, Hollywood movie post-production studios, restaurants, universities, corporate offices, and museums. With field offices and authorized distributors worldwide, Meyer Sound designs and manufactures all products at its Berkeley, California headquarters, allowing for rigorous quality control and testing.
Scientific acoustical research and product development have earned Meyer Sound more than 100 US and international patents including for the now-standard trapezoidal loudspeaker cabinet shape. Meyer Sound has pioneered other technologies that have become standard in the audio industry, including: processor-controlled loudspeaker systems, self-powered loudspeakers, curvilinear arraying, cardioid subwoofers, and source independent measurement. Meyer Sound also earned numerous awards since its founding in 1979 by John and Helen Meyer. Overall, Meyer Sound is among the professional loudspeaker orientated companies which conducts the most number of, and the most relying on, scientific researches and practical experiments on the field.


About Cloud Electronics
Cloud Electronics Limited is a British Manufacturer of BGM, AV and Contracting Installation audio equipment. Specialist in Paging, Zone-routing, 100V Amplification and Mixer-Amplifiers for all types of commercial and domestic installations. Clouds primary markets are commercial Retail, Licensed Retail, Entertainment, Hospitality & Fitness/wellbeing etc. Cloud is indisputably the most trusted brand in its sector with nearly 40years of outstanding and proven heritage, recognised as being 100 percent reliable in the most demanding and difficult applications and environments.

Our clients value clear and faultless sound that is easily managed and consistently trouble free. Cloud enjoys a worldwide reputation for delivering exactly that, a reputation won almost entirely through word of mouth. Performance over time is the only benchmark. Recently, Cloud extended its products range to high quality compact box type loudspeakers in addition to high quality ceiling speakers. In addition, the new cost-effective Contactor Series is expanding its product lines and more models such as ceiling speakers and amplifiers are being launched into the market.

We are based in the city of Sheffield, England. All Cloud products are assembled and tested by skilled and knowledgeable staff. This facility also houses our specialist in-house research and development team. Every design is unique to Cloud Electronics and follows the most rigorous testing and sound testing process in the industry.

All Cloud products are individually Sound Tested by hand to guarantee 100% reliability and perfect working performance straight out of the box.

Video conferencing – KEM 975

If you are currently facing the challenge of conducting video conferences professionally, the KEM 975 cardioid plane microphone offers a solution for achieving high-quality sound transmission. Due to the microphone’s non-rotationally symmetrical pickup characteristics (horizontal 120 degrees, vertical 30 degrees), it is also suitable for capturing multiple speakers in a conference.

The KEM 975 at a glance:• Linear array microphone system
• cardioid horizontal/ club-shaped vertical
• suppression of reflections from ceiling, table and floor surfaces

Sound power measurement

NEW in the program of Microtech Gefell (GmbH) are sound power hemispheres for sound power measurements according to ISO 3744 and ISO 3745. These are available in two different sizes for the buildup of hemispherical microphone arrays with radii of one or two meters for up to 20 microphone positions each. Depending on the measurement task, the sound power hemispheres can be supplied with standard measurement microphones, particularly low-noise measurement microphones or measurement microphones for harsh environments.

The SLH variants at a glance:• SLH 112 (1m radius, 12 bars)
• SLH 212 (2m radius, 12 bars)
• SLH 16 (1m radius, 6 bars)
• SLH 26 (2m radius, 6 bars)